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Senior Peer Counseling Program

Senior Peer Counseling is a free, voluntary, peer support, in-home program for Placer County residents aged 55 years or better, who are dealing with age-related adjustment issues. 

When is the last time someone really listened to you?  As we age, life transitions can sometimes be painful or difficult to adjust to.  The loss of a companion, medical diagnosis, physical disability, retirement, or relocation can be upsetting.  Sometimes it is helpful to talk with someone near your age.  A peer can help you address these transitional concerns in a safe, confidential, environment.  Peer Counselors work with people in the community on issues such as grief, caregiver stress, change in their sense of independence, family conflict, loneliness, situational depression or anxiety, change in health, or other age related concern.

Senior Peer Counselor volunteers provide in-home peer support for residents of Placer County aged 55 and better.

Senior Peer Counseling is a free, confidential service.

Watch a brief video about the Senior Peer Counseling program here: 

  Who are Senior Peer Counselors? 

Senior Peer Counselors have an interest in helping others work through age-related issues.  They are Placer County residents who are 55 years old and better.  They bring their life experience, have been screened by Placer County, and have completed the intensive 24-hour training. 

Once Senior Peer Counselors complete the initial training, they attend weekly group meetings supervised by mental health professional, and monthly in-services and trainings.

Senior Peer Counselors will listen, support, and gently coach each client to reach his/her own solution.

Topics Senior Peer Counselors may be able to assist with include: 

  • Family conflicts/Boundaries
  • Change in a sense of independence
  • Access to community resources
  • Caregiver stress
  • Grief/loss
  • Adjustment to retirement, a health diagnosis or living situation 
  • Loss of driver's license
  • Situational depression and/or situational anxiety
  • Loneliness
  • And other age-related concerns 

How can I get connected to the Senior Peer Counseling program? 

Participation in the Senior Peer Counseling program is voluntary.  If you want to make a referral on behalf of someone else, please note that they need to want to participate in the program.  You can connect with the Senior Peer Counseling Coordinator by calling:  916-787-8859. 

All referrals are confidential and subject to approval by the Senior Peer Counseling Coordinator and availability of a Senior Peer Counselor.

For a printable brochure about the Senior Peer Counseling program click here: Senior Peer Counseling Brochure

For more information regarding volunteering, click here:  Volunteer Brochure