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The County's Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of questions often asked about Placer County governmental information and services. If you don't find the information you need below, please call the county switchboard at 530-889-4000. There's also a toll-free number - (800) 488-4308, plus the 4-digit department extension. This toll-free number works outside the Auburn area but only within Placer County, as a convenience for county residents. Contact us to suggest additional information for this page.

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Abandoned vehicle?

Description of the county's abandoned vehicle removal process.

Adult Literacy Program?

The Placer Adult Literacy Service - PALS - is operated by the Placer County Library.

Agricultural matter?

Visit the Agricultural Commissioner's page.

Air pollution matter?

Visit the Air Pollution Control District's page.

Animal removal?

To arrange the removal of a dead animal or nuisance wild animal, contact the Animal Services office.

Assessment appeal?

Further information on filing an assessment appeal for your property tax is available from the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.

Assigned Counsel Program?

Placer County has an Assigned Counsel Program to provide public defense resources for indigent defendants in cases where the county's contract Public Defender and first level conflict firms are unable to provide such services.

Auburn-Folsom Road Widening Project ?

Here's information on the county's Auburn-Folsom Road Widening Project.

Birth or death certificate?

For a birth certificate issued this year or last year; for a certificate issued before last year.

Board of Supervisors agenda?

Go to the Board's page for the latest agenda. Or call the Clerk of the Board, 530-889-4020, County Administrative Center, 175 Fulweiler Ave., Auburn.

Board of Supervisors calendar?

A calendar showing Board meetings and other events is available.

Board of Supervisors meeting audio?

The audio for Board of Supervisors' meetings held in the Board Chambers is available live during board meetings by calling 530-886-5225.

Building permit?

Building Dept or your city Building Dept. office.

Building plan third-party review?

The Building Department provides a third-party plan review option, for applicants who wish to expedite the building plan check process.

Building rental?

The six Veterans Memorial Halls and other community halls maintained and supervised by Placer County are available for rent. Here is further information on Memorial Hall or community hall rental .

Burning permit /Residential burning information?

Here's further information on residential burning in Placer County

Bus schedule?

Visit the Public Works Placer County Transit schedule page, call 530-885-BUSS or 530-550-1212 in Tahoe, or your city bus company Q: Business Advantage Network?

Here's further information on the county's Business Advantage Network.

Business fictitious name statement?

Recorder (County Clerk), 530-886-5600, 2954 Richardson Drive, Auburn

Business license?

Visit the Treasurer-Tax Collector business license page , or call 530-889-4120, 2976 Richardson Drive, Auburn, or your city offices. A county business license application form is available.

Calendar of Events?

The calendar of events in Placer County is maintained by the Placer County Visitors' Center.

U.S. House of Representatives,

1st Congressional District, Doug LaMalfa and 4th Congressional District, Tom McClintock

U.S. Senate,

Senator Diane Feinstein and Senator Kamala D. Harris

California Assembly Member?

Placer County is represented by Brian Dahle, 1st Assembly District, Frank Bigelow, 5th Assembly District, and Beth Gaines, 6th Assembly District

California State Senator?

Placer County is represented by Ted Gaines, 1st Senate District and Jim Nielsen, 4th Senate District.

Children's Protective Services?

Children's Protective Services are part of the County's Child and Adult Crisis & Emergency Services (ACCESS) Division. Their Web page has contact information.

Cities and Towns?

Here is a page with information on incorporated cities and towns, and other communities in Placer County.

Code compliance issue?

Code compliance matters are handled by the Building Department

Commercial food preparation?

Environmental Health

County 150th Anniversary?

Placer County was established in April 1851 and celebrated its 150th anniversary from April 2001 to April 2002.

County Acronyms?

Here's a list of acronyms commonly used by county officials and staff.

County Archives and Research Center?

The Museums Department maintains the Placer County Archives and Research Center .

County budget?

Information on the county budget.

County Charter?

Information on the Placer County Charter.

County Code?

The Placer County code is now available online.

County Committees and Commissions?

Here is a directory listing active county committees and commissions.

County employment or a job?


County holidays?

These are the official county holidays.

County maps?

Maps of Placer County, and to various county facility locations.

County News Releases?

Recent county news releases are available on the Web.

County Vendor Registration?

Register your company to provide goods or services to the County. For assistance with this process, contact the Procurement Services Division at 530-886-2122.

County zoning?

County Zoning Maps are available online.

Dispute resolution?

Placer County has a dispute resolution service, Placer Dispute Resolution Service. The service is free to county residents and can help resolve disputes in many areas, including neighborhood disagreements, tenant/landlord disputes, and business problems.

Divorce decree?

You can access this information from the Superior Court of California, which is a separate state entity.
Their website address is:

Dog license?

The Animal Services Division issues annual dog licenses

Emergency planning and preparation?

Here's information on basic emergency preparation and family emergency planning you can do to protect yourself and your family.

Film Office?

The Placer County - Lake Tahoe Film Office can help with information on locations and resources for film and TV producers.

Fire Agencies?

Here's information on fire agencies located in Placer County.

Flood Control District?

Here's further information on the Placer County Flood Control and Water Conservation District

Garbage disposal sites?

Here is information on garbage disposal sites in Placer County.

Gold Country Fairgrounds?

Here's a map showing the location of the Gold Country Fairgrounds, at 1273 High Street, in Auburn. (The fairgrounds are not operated by Placer County.)

Grand Jury Reports?

You can access this information from the Superior Court of California, which is a separate state entity.
Their website address is:

Health issues?

Visit the Health and Human Services Pages on this Web Site for information

Housing issues?

Contact the Housing Authority, in Human Services, at 530-889-7676. Further information on the county's Housing Choice Voucher Program, formerly known as Section 8, is available.

Indian Gaming Local Community Benefit Committee?

In response to a recent state law, the Board of Supervisors has established Indian Gaming Local Community Benefit Committee to review proposals and suggest grants for local governmental agencies in the county affected by tribal gaming.

Information and Referral for Seniors

Seniors First, a non-profit agency in Auburn, provides information for Placer County senior residents on a variety of matters. Their phone numbers are 530-889-9500 or 800-878-9222. Their office is located at 11566 D Ave., Auburn, 95603. (Seniors First is not part of county government.)

In-Home Help for Seniors?

Placer County has a free program for seniors living at home in the county where a trained volunteer counselor - another senior - will visit a senior at home once a week to talk, counsel and provide companionship. It's called Senior Peer Counseling .

In-home Supportive Services?

In-home care to qualified needy, aged, blind or disabled individuals who prefer to stay in their own homes.

Invasive plant control?

Here's information on preventing or controlling the spread of invasive plants in Placer County.


Sheriff's Department

Jury duty?

Information on jury duty is available from the Placer County Superior Courts, a separate state agency.
their website address is:

Land use?

Planning, or your city office Q: Lost pet? A: Call Animal Services or the Placer County SPCA.

Marriage licenses?

Recorder (County Clerk), 530-886-5600, 2954 Richardson Drive, Auburn (map)

Mosquito problems?

The county has a Mosquito and Vector Control District in Roseville. Here is the Placer Mosquito and Vector Control District website

Name change?

Information on Name Change is available from the Placer County Superior Courts, a separate agency. Their website address is:

Noise Ordinance?

Additional information on Filing Noise Complaints to be added: *022210 MCM
Placer County Code

Old tire disposal?

Recycle old tires at
Western Placer Waste Management Authority's Material Recovery Facility
3033 Fiddyment Road (MAP) in Roseville. visit their Web site.

Online translation service?

An online translation service is available from this page.


Recorder (County Clerk)
2954 Richardson Drive, Auburn (map)


Information on permits commonly issued by Placer County

Placer County Fairgrounds?

The Placer County Fairgrounds are located
800 All American Boulevard in Roseville. (The fairgrounds are not operated by Placer County.)

Placer County Government Mission?

To provide responsive, efficient and effective public services that promote the health, safety, well-being and prosperity of our citizens while protecting our environmental resources and preserving the rich heritage of our region.

Placer County Government Vision?

To be a county government known for providing exceptional local and regional leadership, that works in partnership with the community to develop creative solutions to the diverse issues facing our region, and bestows to current and future generations even better communities in which to live, raise families, work, vacation, and conduct business.

Placer County Public Information Office?

Public Information Office
175 Fulweiler Ave
Auburn, CA
Fax 530-889-4009

Placer County Superior Courts?

Superior Court of California, County of Placer is a separate state entity. Their website address is:

Planning Commission agenda?

Go to the Planning Department's page for a link to the Commission's latest agenda or summary action.

Planning documents?

Information on county planning documents, like the general plan, the zoning ordinance, or the tree ordinance.


Probation ( map )

Property tax assessment appeal?

Further information on filing an assessment appeal for your property tax is available from the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.

Redevelopment Agency?

Here's information on the Placer County Redevelopment Successor Agency.

Register to vote?

Registrar of Voters , (County Clerk )
2956 Richardson Dr., DeWitt Center
Auburn, CA

Report a crime online?

You can report a crime on the Sheriff's Office web pages.

Reporting Child or Adult Abuse?

Here are two links to allow you to report possible child, adult or elder abuse:
Report a Crime
Report Child or Adult Abuse

Restraining order?

Restraining Orders are obtained through the court.
A Restraining Order can be on file with the Sheriff’s Office and the Sheriff’s Office can respond when one is violated, but a petitioner needs to first go to the court, which is a separate state entity.

Revenue sharing?

More information on the Board of Supervisors' revenue sharing funds

Sell goods or services to the County?

Register your company to provide goods or services to the County. For assistance with this process, contact the Procurement Services Division at 530-886-2122.

Sheriff's Office?

Placer County Sheriff's Office
Main Jail

Stormwater Quality Program Citizen's Advisory Committee

Here is further information on the Citizen's Advisory Committee.

Sudden Oak Death disease?

Here is further information on Sudden Oak Death disease, from the Farm and Home Department.

Tax question?

Assessor (regarding valuation)


Treasurer-Tax Collector (regarding a bill)
Administration Center

Temporary Restraining Order?

Contact the Placer County Superior Courts, (, a separate state agency, regarding temporary restraining orders.

Traffic ticket?

Traffic tickets are handled by the Placer County Superior Courts, a separate state agency.
Their Web site is

Transient Occupancy Tax Form?

The Transient Occupancy Tax Form and instructions are available on the Administrative Services Revenue Services web page.

Vital Statistics Information?

Information on how to obtain vital statistics information is available online.

Web en español?

Un servicio de traducción del Web page está disponible de esta paginación.

Web pages in Spanish?

A Web page translation service is available from this page .