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ACORN System

 Access ACORN System ACORN How-To Documentation

What is the purpose of allowing access to the ACORN System from the Internet?

Some employees do not have easy access to a pc in their line of work but still need to be able to view their Self Service Human Resources, Benefits and Payroll information. Access from home allows employees to securely view their information at the time of their choosing.

Is my personal information secure?

Yes! Browser traffic to the ACORN System is encrypted using industry standard web security.

Employees must have a valid Placer County Network login and password to access the system. Those trying to access the system with invalid credentials will be locked out.

Your ACORN session will be timed out after 6 minutes of inactivity to ensure that an active login is not left unattended for an extended period of time.

It is your responsibility, however, to take reasonable steps to protect your personal information. Please make sure to:

  • Only use Internet connections that you trust.
  • Make sure to click the sign out link in the top right corner of the ACORN application when you are done viewing your information.
  • Never leave your computer unlocked with an open ACORN session. Lock your pc when you step away or sign out of ACORN first.
  • Do not share your Placer County Network login with anyone.
  • Be aware of scams. Placer County staff will never contact you and ask for your network ID or password. Please report any attempts of this sort to the Customer Service Center.

Can I use this access for telecommuting or catching up on work I did not get done during normal working hours?

At this time the ACORN System is being made available so that you can view your personal Self Service information (Benefits, Human Resources, and paychecks). While you may be able to see other menu items that you would use in the regular course of work, County policy requires pre-approval of work performed outside of your normal work hours. Failure to adhere to this policy could result in unauthorized overtime which may be grounds for disciplinary action. All access to the system is actively monitored. Please contact your supervisor if you have any questions or concerns about this.

Why am I getting timed out after 6 minutes when I’m working from my County PC?

When accessing the ACORN system from the Internet, the system automatically logs you out after 6 minutes of inactivity to ensure that an active session is not left unattended. Internet access to ACORN is designed only for reviewing your personal information and not to be used for day-to-day ACORN work.

If you need to use ACORN in the regular course of your County work, please use the internal access points to do so:
From the iPlacer home page, click on the ACORN link.

Can I use my mobile wireless device to access ACORN (Such as an iPad, iPhone, other smart phones, etc.)?

The current version of ACORN is not mobile/device optimized, so we highly recommend you use a standard desktop browser. If you do log in to the site using a mobile phone or non-standard device, you may experience formatting issues or other problems that the ACORN team will not be able to resolve.

Can I use my Mac to access ACORN?

Yes. Access to the ACORN System is not dependent on the operating system or hardware that you have at home or other locations. Various browsers are supported for use with ACORN including Safari, FireFox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

What hours is the ACORN System available?

The ACORN System is available 7 days a week, 365 days per year. The system is unavailable while daily backups are being taken (1:45am to 4:00am).

Why does the system time out after a period of no activity?

After 6 minutes of no activity on an ACORN screen, you will be automatically logged out of the system. This is for your protection to limit the possibility of unauthorized users gaining access to the system if you forgot to log out or left a session open. You can log back into the system by entering your network user name and password.

What if I don’t have a County Network login?

You will need a valid Placer County Network login to access ACORN from the internet. Contact your supervisor to request a login.

What if I don’t have an ACORN System user ID or password?

For most employees, an ACORN System specific user ID and password are not required. Your Placer County Network login ID and Password will log you into the ACORN System. Contact your supervisor or email regarding your login.

What do I do if I have difficulties accessing ACORN from the internet?

Verify that you have an active network connection (try to reach another web site such as or

  • Verify that you are entering your Placer County Network user id and password. Remember that passwords are case sensitive!
  • Make note of any error messages you get. Take screen shots if possible so that you can more easily describe/report the issue to the Customer Service Center.
  • Email the Customer Service Center at Include screen shots, error messages, and your browser information.
  • Call the Customer Service Center at 530-889-4357 during regular business hours (M-F,7am to 6pm).

What hours is support available?

The Placer County Customer Service Center is open from 7am to 6pm, Monday through Friday, except on official County holidays. Contact the CSC at 530-889-4357 or email at:

What information do I need when contacting support?

All error messages you are receiving. Browser type and version you are using.

What internet browsers are supported?

ACORN Supports the following web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • FireFox
  • Safari
  • Chrome

What is the difference between accessing ACORN from the internet versus using Placer County Citrix?

Both methods access the same system but Citrix has been provided to selected employees who require remote access to their full Placer County resources including the ACORN System. Citrix is designed for remote County work. Internet access to ACORN on the other hand, has been provided as a courtesy to employees who need to access their paycheck and other personal information outside of work hours or for those employees who do not have access to a pc at work.

Employees should not access ACORN via the internet during their regular work hours. They should access the system via the regular internal methods.

What do I need to access the system?

Access to the internet (from home, public Wi-Fi, etc.)

  • A modern web browser (Internet Explorer v8 or greater,FireFox, Chrome, Safari)
  • Ensure that pop-ups are enabled for the website (
  • Adobe Reader installed (to view copies of your paycheck)

I click on my paycheck and nothing happens?

Your browser needs to be configured to allow pop ups from the ACORN site. The procedure to do this varies between browser versions. For Internet Explorer, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Tools | Pop-up Blocker Settings
  2. Add the * to the list of allowed sites
  3. Reload the page and access your check.
For other browsers, please access the browser’s Help link and search for “Pop up” configuration and follow the instructions provided.