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Are you ready to work in a law enforcement career?


PC Sheriff's Office EEO Utilization Report 2016

PC Human Resource EEO Utilization Report 2016


Public Safety Dispatcher II Lateral
Correctional Officer II
Deputy Sheriff II - Laterals
Deputy Sheriff I
Deputy Sheriff Physical Agility Information

Most individuals do not think about how current actions and decisions affect the future. For law enforcement employees, your current and past actions have defined a career

Drugs - What part do they play?

A law enforcement officer, or any law enforcement civilian employee, MUST be free of outside influences and substances. A Imagelaw enforcement employee holds a position of TRUST within the community and its members. If you have done drugs, or still do, stop now! This includes both legal and illegal substances.

Alcohol – Why should you avoid it?

Alcohol is a drug which leads to a whole host of disqualifying areas: fighting, driving under the influence, and poor judgment. All of these actions may disqualify you from a career in law enforcement. Don’t let it influence you or your actions and control your future.

Drive responsibly!

An officer MUST have a good driving history. Driving a vehicle is necessary for a peace officer. Being reckless and lacking good judgment while operating a vehicle is strongly frowned upon. Agencies look at the number of tickets you have received, failure to carry proper insurance, vehicle accidents, and license suspensions. Drive smart!

Be healthy and fit!

Law enforcement is a strenuous job. Your safety may depend on being healthy and physically fit in a law enforcement career. Start now, don’t wait.

What does money have to do with it?

Money is important to our way of life. How you handle your finances not only determines your level of responsibility and maturity, but also good judgment. If you are careless with your money, how do you prove you are not careless in other aspects of your life? Ask yourself, how do I manage my bills?

Honesty really is its own reward!

Law enforcement officers must be of the highest moral character. Integrity, honesty, and trust is what is expected of an officer; no less. If a person is not honest, he/she should not consider becoming an officer.

Believe it or not, how well you write is important!

People underestimate how important writing is to a law enforcement officer. Learn and know your writing skills, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. It can make a difference.

Your job now is important!

No matter what job you have now, take it seriously. Make a good impression on your employer; it will pay off dividends when background investigations are conducted. AVOID TERMINATIONS.

Be comfortable with who you are!

ImageA law enforcement officer needs to be assertive, self confident, outgoing, personable, and be able to interact well with all people. As an officer of the law, you will come into contact with many people. You must be comfortable with yourself to be controlled. These factors are directly related to your self-esteem; take the time to strengthen it


Set your values and be true to them!

The real test for a person is the ability to be true to his/her values. Don’t allow peer pressure to change who you are.

Many candidates for law enforcement positions are unsuccessful due to problems that could have been prevented earlier in their life