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Community Resource Team (CRT)

Placer County Probation developed and introduced a Community Resource Team (CRT) in response to the increasing demands of Parole Realignment and formal probation cases under our department’s supervision. 

Placer County residents under the supervision of the Placer County Probation Department are referred to the CRT. If an individual fails to attend the CRT, their assigned Officer immediately contacts them and a re-referral is completed.

The CRT is led by the Placer County Probation Department in collaboration with Adult System of Care, Health and Human Services, Placer County law enforcement agencies, including Rocklin Police Department, Lincoln Police Department, Auburn Police Department, and Placer County Sheriff’s Department, and approximately 18 community providers. The providers focus on treatment, housing, education and life skills.

Each provider has an opportunity to speak about the organization they are representing and provide the offenders with reading material and pamphlets. Those attending the CRT meetings will then have the opportunity to speak directly to the providers; and are given the opportunity to enroll in the various programs designed to provide rehabilitative opportunities and services within our community.

Offenders are also provided with a resource guide, which includes homeless resources, transitional housing programs, inpatient drug treatment programs, self-help meetings, public assistance, family services, mental health services, and veteran’s services.

Working collectively with local resource providers and law enforcement agencies reinforces our goal to assist individuals in making positive life changes.

Our goal is to provide individuals with information and skills to help transform their lives in a healthy and productive way. The use of evidence-based programs and individualized case plans are also crucial to effectively motivate positive change.