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Alternative Sentencing

The mission of the Alternative Sentencing division is to create and maintain community based alternatives that promote public safety, the use of evidence-based supervision practices, and the efficient allocation of resources. 

Placer County’s Alternative Sentencing programs offer an alternative for individuals to serve their jail time while remaining in the community. 

Alternative Sentencing is a privilege, not a right.  A person may only apply for Alternative Sentencing after the court grants approval to apply. You must then be approved and accepted through an application process by the Probation Department.



Under Electronic Monitoring Program supervision, program participants are confined to their residence under strict conditions that govern their freedom and actions.  Program participants wear a non-removable GPS ankle bracelet 24 hours per day, 7 days per week during the course of their program.  Unless pre-approved to leave their residence, the participant will be confined to his or her home while receiving custody credit.


  • Generally program participants must have a minimum jail sentence of 15 days to complete. 
  • Program participants must live in Placer County or within areas of Sacramento County within the immediate vicinity of Placer County (as determined by Alternative Sentencing staff)
  • Program participation may be restricted for certain sex offenses.
  • Program participant’s current charge(s) cannot include felony 273.5 PC (domestic violence), DUI with two priors under allegation 23546(a) VC or offenses listed as serious or violent felonies in the California Penal Code.


  • Meet with a supervision probation officer a minimum of once per week in the office to submit a weekly schedule.  Schedules are subject to officer approval.
  • Program participants are not allowed to leave their residence without prior approval of their supervising probation officer.
  • Program participants are subject to search and seizure and random drug and alcohol testing. 
  • Program participants and all residents of the household are required to allow probation officers or peace officers into their residence, any hour of the day or night.  The program participant and the entire residence is subject to search and seizure.
  • The program participant and everyone living at the residence are subject to the following conditions:
    • No alcohol possession or consumption at the residence
    • No illegal drug use or possession at the residence
    • No visitors or social gatherings held at the residence
    • No guns or explosives are allowed at the residence

The Electronic Monitoring Program is not “easy”, but it offers the opportunity to complete a jail sentence in an environment that allows the participant to work, attend school, meet child-care responsibilities, pursue medical care, and participate in treatment programs.

A violation of the rules of the Electronic Monitoring Program can result in removal from the program and return to jail.

Work Release Program

The Work Release Program allows qualified applicants with a jail sentence of less than 45 days to serve their sentence by providing labor to public work projects and charitable/nonprofit organizations in lieu of jail time. Each jail day converts into a minimum of eight hours and maximum of ten hours of manual labor on the program.  Individuals are offered the option of providing meaningful labor to much needed community service projects, while being able to maintain present employment, family relations, and community ties.  Those accepted on the program must commit to working a minimum of two days a week.  Participants receive good time work time credits on the program. 

Placer County Drug Court Program

The Drug Court program is unique in that it offers a team approach to help individuals with drug addictions complete treatment, jail sentences, and help restore their lives. Upon conviction of a felony charge, if probation and the court permit, you may apply for the Drug Court program as an alternative to serving your entire sentence in jail.  Upon successful completion of a 9-18 month program your sentence will be satisfied.  This may also result in modification of others terms of probation.

How does Drug Court Work:

Applicants are assessed and once accepted into the program you will be assisted with obtaining an appropriate level of treatment and other services.  Drug court is not easy and you should expect to be held accountable by the Drug Court judge for meeting your obligations to the court, community, yourself, and your family. Participants are regularly and randomly tested for drug use.  You will be required to appear in court frequently so that the judge may review your progress and reward compliance or sanction negative behavior.

You may apply if you:

Are an adult (18 and over)

Live in Placer County

Have been convicted of a felony charge

Have at least a 90 day jail sentence to serve

Want treatment for substance abuse issues

Do not have a history of serious and/or violent offenses.

Applications may be obtained from and submitted to the Placer County Probation Department. 

Adult Placement Program

The Adult Placement Program is ordered by the court. The defendant’s court orders will state the only form of alternative sentencing is residential treatment. The defendant is responsible for finding a residential treatment program approved by the Probation Department. Residential treatment can last from 6 months to 2 years depending on what is required by the court and/or the need of the individual.  The defendant is also responsible for the cost of residential treatment. If accepted onto the Adult Placement program, the defendant will be assigned to a supervision caseload where a Probation Officer will actively monitor treatment progress and compliance, and verify such with the treatment provider. Custody credits will be given while in the Adult Placement Program if the defendant is successful. The defendant will be required to abstain from alcohol and drugs, and submit to testing, and search and seizure.