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Behavioral Health Managed Care Network

Placer County Behavioral Health Managed Care was created in 1997 to provide specialty mental health services to Medi-Cal beneficiaries. The Behavioral Health Managed Care Unit authorizes Network Providers in the community to provide these services. The Network Providers are credentialed with Placer County and cover an array of areas of specialized practice to meet our clients’ mental health needs.

New healthcare options are coming to Placer County

  • For questions about the change and the new health care plan call, Health Care Options (HCO) 800-430-4263
  • For other questions about your Medi-Cal call, Placer County Human Services 888-385-5160

Presumptive Transfer to Placer County

To ensure timely access to specialty mental health services for foster children who are placed in a county other than the one in which jurisdiction is held, Assembly Bill 1299 (Ridley-Thomas, Chapter 603, Statutes 2016 ) was enacted to establish presumptive transfer. Presumptive transfer means a prompt transfer of the responsibility for the provision of, or arranging and payment for SMHS from the county of original jurisdiction to the county in which the foster child resides. 

To notify the MHP in Placer County of a presumptive transfer case, please complete the form found below:

County Presumptive Transfer Form             

And send the completed form to the following e-mail:

If you have questions you may contact (530) 866-5400


Contact Information

Behavioral Health Case Managers

  • Jeff Steer, MFT - Client Services Practitioner, II - E-Mail or 916-784-6431
  • Kristin Kolster, MFT - Client Services Practitioner, II - E-Mail or 530-886-5403
  • Andrew Scott, MFT - Client Services Practitioner, I - E-Mail or 530-886-5414
  • Diane Kato, MFT - Client Services Practitioner, II - E-Mail or 530-886-5474
  • April Carew, LCSW - Client Services Practitioner, II - E-Mail or 916-780-3215
  • Paulette Horner, LCSW - Client Services Practitioner, II - E-Mail or 530-886-2816
  • Robert Mathews, MFT - Client Services Practitioner, II - E-Mail or 530-889-6747
  • Gina Karabinis, ASW- Client Services Practitioner, II - E-Mail or 916-780-3228

Additional Contact Information

  • Candyce Skinner, MS - Program Manager - E-Mail or 530-889-6785  
  • Lorene Noack, LCSW - Program Supervisor - E-Mail or 530-889-6701

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