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Division Vision/Mission

Who We Are

  • Placer County's Children’s System of Care (CSOC), operation, administration, governance and service delivery are unique in California. Under the direction of the County’s Health and Human Services Department, CSOC delivers a full, integrated continuum of child social services to Placer families.
  • Placer’s integrated CSOC for public sector children and families was developed out of 17 years of interagency collaboration. The County’s “no wrong door” approach targets Children, Adults and Families experiencing complex inter-related combinations of needs that require services spanning multiple disciplines and agencies.


  • All children, adults and families in Placer County will be self-sufficient in keeping themselves, their children, and their families SAFE, HEALTHY, AT HOME, IN SCHOOL/EMPLOYED, OUT OF TROUBLE, AND ECONOMICALLY STABLE.
  • September 2015 Dashboard of services.



  • The SMART Policy Team shall ensure that all public programs for children and families will provide services in a culturally responsive, comprehensive, and integrated manner, regardless of the agency door by which families enter.