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Frequently Asked Questions

Get help for the victim of a violent crime?

Contact Victim/Witness of Crimes in Placer County at 916-543-8000 for information and referrals.

Can I report suspected child abuse and remain anonymous?

Yes, one may remain anonymous. Please call 866-293-1940. For reporting suspected adult abuse, please call 530-886-2900.

I am concerned about the welfare and/or health of a child, who do I call?

Please contact Placer County Family and Children’s Services toll free at 866-293-1940, or 916-872-6549.

Can my family and I qualify for County services if we have private insurance?

One must first exhaust all benefits from private insurance before contacting the county for additional services. Priority for county services are given to those who have Medi-Cal coverage and who meet Severely Emotionally Disturbed criteria, and those with no other form of insurance. County services are designed as “safety net” services for those who do not have access to other resources.

My teenager is having behavioral problems in school and at home, who do I call?

Please call Family and Children’s Services toll free at 866-293-1940 or 916-872-6549 to determine if a youth qualifies for county services, or to receive referrals to community resources. One may also contact the school to request assistance for the problems that occur in school if they are interfering with a teenager’s ability to learn.

I recently gave birth, but now am feeling depressed, lonely and confused, who do I call?

Contact the Postpartum Support International Depression Helpline at 800-944-4773. The Suicide Prevention Hotline at 800-SUICIDE (800-784-2433) or 800-273-TALK (800-273-8255) . As well as many other resources which can be found on the internet or at a local hospital.

How can I become a foster care or adoptive parent?

Placer County operates a collaborative with Sierra Forever Families, to recruit, train, and support foster and adoptive families, as well as match children needing a temporary or permanent home with available families. For more information, please contact Donna Aleccia at 530-887-9982.

Are the trainings posted to your website open to the public?

Some are open to community partners depending on the topic. Please use the contact information to question a specific training either via the telephone or via email.