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Mental Health Services

Placer County Adult System of Care provides an array of mental health and supportive services for those who live with mental illness.  Services are individually designed to help you achieve your personal recovery goals. Services are provided to Placer County Medi-Cal beneficiaries and Placer County residents with no insurance. Other insurance situations may be considered on a case by case basis. To be eligible for services you must also have a current or past qualifying diagnosis that impairs your level of functioning.

Services include: 

  • Mental Health Assessment
  • Crisis Services
  • Medication Assistance
  • Group and Individual Therapy
  • Housing Assistance
  • Behavioral and Physical Healthcare Coordination
  • Linkage to Community Resources
  • Family Supports and Resources
  • Peer Supports and Social Groups
  • Drop-in Centers (Welcome Center/Cirby Clubhouse)
  • Health 360
  • Mental Health Court/Conditional Release Program

Mental Health Walk-In Screening Clinic

The Screening Clinic is FREE to all Placer County Residents.

Who should attend:  Anyone in need of mental health treatment is welcome to attend.

What to expect:  The screening process may take a few hours so please come prepared.  If you are unable to attend a clinic time or need special accommodation, please let us know.

What should I bring?:  Bring a copy of your insurance card (Medi-Cal), proof of residency if your insurance is with another county, and proof of income if uninsured.

When and Where:  Tuesday from 1-2 pm and Thursday from 9-10 am at 101 Cirby Hills Drive, Roseville, CA and Wednesday from 9-10 am at 11512 B Avenue, Auburn, CA    

Contact Information:  (Toll Free) 1-888-886-5401 or e-mail

Assisted Outpatient Treatment

Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) allows Placer County to provide intensive, court-ordered treatment in the community for individuals with severe mental illness who would otherwise be unable to obtain timely interventions.  To qualify for AOT services a person must meet specific criteria.  Please see the following brochure for more information.

Assisted Outpatient Treatment Brochure

Your Rights and Responsibilities

You are entitled to:

  • Be treated with consideration and respect
  • Have your services provided in a safe environment
  • Participate in the planning of your service and treatment
  • Request a change of case manager or therapist
  • Receive interpreter services as needed free of charge.  Family members will not be expected to interpret or provide an interpreter
  • Receive services that are sensitive to cultural differences, religious preferences, sexual orientation, or disabilities

You have the responsibility to:

  • Exhibit considerate and respectful behavior to staff and providers
  • Respect the rights, property, and environment of all staff, providers, and other clients
  • Provide complete, accurate information
  • Keep appointments on time and, if unable to do so, notify the service provider
  • Pay for services if required

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Adult Services?

If you are NOT currently receiving Adult Services and would like to, call our Adult Crisis and Intake Line at 1-888-886-5401 or 916-787-8860.

How do I qualify for Adult Services?

To qualify to receive our services, you must:

  • Be a Placer County resident
  • Not have private Medical Coverage
  • Be in the low income bracket
  • Show proof of residency
  • Meet our Priority Population

What is ASOC's Priority Population?

Our Priority Population is:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Schizoaffective Disorder
  • Bipolar Disorders
  • Major Depression
  • Delusional Disorder
  • Psychotic Disorder not Otherwise Specified

What if I have a concern about my medication?

If you have a concern about your medication, please call 916-784-6473

  • Please speak clearly and leave the following information:

    • First and Last Name (spelled out)
    • Phone Number, including area code
    • Detailed Concern 

    A nurse will contact you

What if I need a refill on my medication?

If you are currently receiving services and need a refill, please call 916-784-6473

  • Please speak clearly and leave the following information:

    • First and Last Name (spelled out)
    • Phone Number, including area code
    • Medication needing to be filled 

    A nurse will contact you

Is there a cost for services at Adult System of Care?

Yes, if you are not fully covered by Medi-Cal, there is a sliding scale cost developed by the State of California to determine your share of cost.

How can I provide information for my family member receiving services?

Submit the AB1424 Family Information form to the location where your loved one is receiving services.  Click here for the form.


This is a list of providers contracted with Health and Human Services to provide Mental Health services to residents of Placer County. A physical copy of this directory is available upon request:  Provider Directory-English     Provider Director-Spanish

For a printable Beneficiary Handbook 

For a printable brochure

For a printable Mental Health Screening Clinic flyer

Family Information Form AB1424