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Building a New Home

There are many questions to consider before you can start building a home.

  • Who do you need to contact to get started?
  • What kind of permits or approvals do you need, and from whom?
  • Is the home located within city limits?
  • Where will you get your drinking water from?
  • Will your home have access to public sewers?

Getting Started

If you're not sure whether or not your property falls within city limits, contact the County Assessors Office for assistance

If the property is located in the city limits of Auburn, Colfax, Lincoln, Rocklin, Roseville, or Loomis you should contact the city building department first and they will help you get started. 

If the property is not located within any city limits, then it is in unincorporated Placer County and you will need to contact the County Building Services Division.  If you have questions regarding zoning or setbacks, contact the County Planning Services Division.

Drinking Water

Contact local municipal water suppliers to find out if they service your area.

If there is no access to public drinking water, the permitted alternative to supply your home with clean, safe drinking water is to drill a well.  Please see our well pages for all the information you will need to drill your well in a manner that adheres to current codes and regulations.

Disposing of Wastewater & Sewage

Contact Placer County Environmental Engineering and Utilities to find out if your property falls into any of the county's sewer districts.  If there is no access to public sewers, the permitted alternative is to design and build a septic system.  Please see our septic system pages for a complete look at all the steps necessary to building the correct septic system for your house and property.