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District Attorney's Office

The Office of the District Attorney investigates and prosecutes crime, assists victims and survivors of crime, and protects the health and well being of children while deterring juveniles from criminal activity. The District Attorney (DA) also assists with investigations conducted by law enforcement, making reasonable and ethical decisions when initiating prosecution.

Meet the District Attorney

District Attorney Ronald “Scott” Owens

Ronald “Scott” Owens grew up in Placer County, graduated from Colfax High School, and attended Sacramento State College, receiving his degree in Criminal Justice. He later attended McGeorge School of Law, graduating in 1989. In 1990, Scott took a position with the Placer County District Attorney’s Office.

During his 20 years with the DA’s Office he has prosecuted a wide array of cases and has taught and lectured for several schools and organizations.

He currently lives in Colfax with his wife and two children, and continues an impassioned career dedicated to the law and to justice.

Services and Information

  • Units and Divisions
    Includes what each unit or division does within the DA office, as well as contact information 
  • Victim's Services
    Includes monetary restitution, court assistance, crisis intervention, counseling referrals, and funeral assistance
  • News and Press Releases
    Includes recent press releases addressing high profile cases in the county