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Active duty military service members and their families have specific protections that may impact child support through the "Servicemembers Civil Relief Act" (SCRA).

For information on child support and SCRA, please contact our office and a specialist will assist you.

You may also refer to the following links for more detailed information.

If you are in need of help with employment services, visit the Veterans Employment Center where you will find help with a wide array of employment services, including:

  • Translate Your Skills: Translate military occupational codes into civilian skill equivalents for a powerful resume and learn about related civilian career paths.
  • Generate a Resume or Build a Profile: Seamlessly import results from the skills translator into an online profile that users can download or publish to employers on the VEC. Publishing your profile on the VEC instantly connects you to thousands of employers looking to hire Veterans, transitioning Servicemembers and family members.
  • Search the Veterans Job Bank (VJB): The VJB allows users to search over 1.5 million jobs in addition to all federal jobs – including status positions reserved especially for Veterans.
  • View Employer Commitments: View a list of hundreds of employers and organizations that have made a commitment to hire or train individuals like you and then link directly to their site to get more information and start the conversation.
  • Find Other Resources: The VEC contains or links to a broad set of other informational resources designed to help you find meaningful career opportunities and take advantage of special government and partner programs, such as the new DoD SkillBridge pilot program to promote civilian job training for transitioning Servicemembers.

Thank you for serving our country!