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Placer County Fire Safe Alliance

Our Vision

The vision of the Place County Fire Safe Alliance is to have informed, educated, and fire defensible communities that will enhance life, property, and natural resource protection through a collaborative approach in a fire prone environment.

The Placer County Fire Safe Alliance provides community assistance, information and educational programs in an effort to reduce the risks of wildfire danger to life and property in our county.


Our Mission

Our mission is to minimize catastrophic wildfire loses to values at risk such as life, property, and natural resources, in the following ways:

To inform and educate the pubic on fire safe communities, fire risk and fire hazard mitigation.

To aid, assist, and participate in fire mitigation planning efforts.

To prioritize and secure funding for coordinated fire safe projects and activities.

To monitor and review fire safe activities to ensure alliance goals are met. 

Our Focus

Our focus is on the wildland-urban intermix, fuel load reduction/healthy forest ecosystem, and fire safe communities.

While long term forest health and catastrophic wildland fires are of critical concern, we also recognize the need to maintain the area’s economic stability, level of public safety and services.

Alliance stakeholders include public agencies representing federal, state and local resource management, local Fire Districts, community Fire Safe Councils, and private industry representatives. All members of the Alliance work to improve public safety, preparedness, security and community vitality in our region. 

The Placer County Firewise Coordinator is actively working with 13 communities to help them become nationally recognized Firewise Communities. For additional information on the program, please click on the “Contact Us” link above. We would be happy to talk or meet with you to provide additional program information.


Placer County CWPP 
(Full Version 200mb)

Placer County CWPP 
(Compressed Version 19mb)

The compressed version of the 2013 CWPP has had some non-essential graphics and pictures removed. Placer County is in the process of printing and distributing copies of the document and the individual Fire Safe Council sections to the FSC's. Please check with your local FSC after May 15th for copies or additional information.

Placer County CWPP Project List 

Click here to see the CWPP 2017 Updated Project List. This list replaces the individual Fire Safe Council project lists in the original CWPP document. For additional information on any of the listed projects, please click on the “Contact Us” link above. 

Northstar Fire Department CWPP
Placer County Biomass Strategic Plan