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County Executive Office

About Placer County

Placer County was created in 1851, just two years after the discovery of gold brought thousands of 49ers across the Sierra in search of fortune. The county took its name from the Spanish word for sand and gravel deposits that contain gold. Today, Placer County has more than 380,000 residents, and a county government with more than 20 departments and approximately 2,700 employees. County government touches the lives of residents in many ways, whether they live in local cities or unincorporated areas.

Placer County has five incorporated cities - Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Auburn and Colfax - and an incorporated town - Loomis. Each is responsible for providing municipal services that typically include police, fire protection, road construction, parks, and land-use planning. The county provides many of these same municipal services for residents who live in unincorporated areas as diverse as Granite Bay, the foothills beyond Auburn, and the high Sierra communities in North Lake Tahoe.

The county also offers many services that cities do not and makes them available to everyone in the county, including people who live within cities. Many health services fall into that category, as do restaurant inspections, aid to needy families, support for veterans, child-support services, child protective services and child abuse prevention.

The Role of CEO

The County Executive Officer is the chief administrative officer of the County. Appointed by the Board, the County Executive is responsible to the Board of Supervisors for the proper and efficient administration of the affairs of the County as prescribed in the County Charter and by formal action of the Board.

Subject to Board confirmation, the CEO selects all appointive department heads, with the exception of the County Counsel (Board appointee). Voters choose six elected officials: Assessor, Auditor-Controller, County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar, District Attorney, Sheriff-Coroner-Marshall and Treasurer-Tax Collector.

Mission Statement

Support and implement Board policies and priorities, provide organizational direction and leadership, coordinate strategic and regional planning efforts, and foster efficient and effective management of county workforce and activities. Provide emergency response capability, disaster recovery and response, public safety and fire protection.

County Executive Office - Lake Tahoe

The Placer County Executive Office operates a satellite office in Lake Tahoe. This office is responsible for providing many services for Tahoe residents, visitors, and local businesses. The County Executive Office at Tahoe also provides assistance on a variety of projects and programs in the Tahoe area, including those led by other county departments, such as the Department of Public Works, Community Development Resources Agency, Facility Services, and the Successor Agency.