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Local Vendor Preference

Pursuant to Placer County Charter Section 608(a) and Placer County Procurement Policy Section 4.1, a local preference credit of 5%, but not cumulatively greater than $5,000.00, for Placer County businesses shall be permitted when evaluating competitive solicitations for supplies, equipment, materials, and services that are not part of a public project. In order to qualify for this preference, a vendor must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. The local business shall have established a place of business within Placer County at least six (6) months prior to publication of the call for bids.
  2. Where state sales tax will be paid for the purchase, the local business must possess a valid resale license from the State Board of Equalization showing evidence of a local business address within Placer County. The payment of the local share of the sales tax must go to either a city located within Placer County, or to the County of Placer. If the local business has more than one office in the State of California, the office located in Placer County shall be the point of sale credit for the purpose of sales tax calculation.
  3. The local business, with business and/or real property tax due to the County of Placer, paid such tax to Placer County for the most recent tax year. This provision shall not apply to businesses that were not established at that time or where no taxes were due.

Bidders claiming Local Vendor Preference must submit an Affidavit of Eligibility with their bid or quote response, unless an approved Affidavit is already on file.

Submit completed Affidavits via mail or fax to the following location:

Placer County Procurement
2964 Richardson Drive
Auburn, CA 95603-2964
Fax: 530-889-4288

For further questions or assistance relating to the County’s local vendor preference policy, call us at 530-886-2122.