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Information regarding Baseline Road and upcoming development projects: 



District 1 Update November 2015
Jack Duran, Supervisor District 1

County Changes for the better

For a large organization to succeed, it must adapt to change. Placer County, one of those large organizations, is in the midst of some significant changes. While these changes may not affect the everyday lives of residents, they do speak to our ongoing mission to improve how we function. We’re streamlining operations, modernizing how we do business, improving our ability to provide services and taking steps to ensure that residents are receiving what they're owed. READ MORE

District 1 Update October 2015
Jack Duran, Supervisor District 1
Temporary Homeless Shelter Use Permit

In February the Placer County Board of Supervisors took action to provide an Auburn area non profit, Right Hand Auburn, the opportunity operate a shelter with a 90-day trial period.  The shelter would be limited in its operation, not operated on a twenty-four hour basis.  On August 18th, Right Hand Auburn brought forward a proposal to the board of supervisors that had a component of possibly expanding the shelter to a 24/7 model, from 47 persons to close to 100 persons. . This proposal was in sync with what leading homelessness expert Dr. Robert Marbut recommended in his study on homelessness in Auburn, and presented to the board earlier this year.  READ MORE

District 1 Update September 2015
Jack Duran, Supervisor District 1

Fire Service Issues 

Although my district is primarily suburban and industrial, there is a pretty good swath of wildlands on the western edge. We were reminded of that a few weeks ago when an arson fire burned more than 400 acres near the Sacramento/Placer county border. Fire crews from multiple state and local agencies worked together and quickly got the fire under control. READ MORE

District 1 Update August 2015
Jack Duran, Supervisor District 1

The southern end of Placer County is home to most of the county’s population. It’s also where most of the growth is happening. I want to talk about several large projects that are in the works that will change the quality of life, the economic vitality of the region and how people perceive Placer County. 

For many years we’ve been viewed as a bedroom community, a place where people live but don’t necessarily work. There’s also the erroneous perception that we’re a hayseed community, unsophisticated and backwards. All that drivel is quickly changing. We are, and have been, hard at work attracting and securing development, primary wage earner jobs and higher education. Placer County is no longer thought of as a place that’s close to other amenities; it’s a place that has the assets people seek. Our efforts will dictate not only the mien of the area, but a change in the way people view Placer County. READ MORE

District 1 Update July 2015
Jack Duran, Supervisor District 1

The use of recycled water is a little-known, but important drought-fighting tool that shows enormous potential for the future. 

California’s drought is on everyone’s minds these days. In a recent poll by the Public Policy Institute of California, the public ranked the drought as the state’s most critical issue for the first time, placing it ahead of jobs and the economy. READ MORE

District 1 Update June 2015
Jack Duran, Supervisor District 1

We all know that Placer County is a desirable place to live. Whatever setting appeals to you: the suburban west end to the foothills to the mountains, we have it all. That’s why the west end of the county – mostly my district – is seeing development.  Because people want to move here and live here, growth is going to take place. I’m a staunch believer in private property rights. Everyone’s property rights. While owners of large parcels of land have the right to develop their property, I also want to point out that they must comply with laws and ordinances concerning development. READ MORE 

District 1 Update May 2015
Jack Duran, Supervisor District 1

As I mentioned last month, Placer County was awaiting the final report and recommendations on homelessness in Placer County. We now have that report. The county-commissioned study took a comprehensive look at homelessness: how pervasive it is; where it comes from; how long people remain homeless; and what services are available. The study also looked at what’s being done well and what needs improvement. Finally, the study made recommendations on what can be done to improve both the array of services and how they’re delivered. READ MORE

District 1 Update April 2015
Jack Duran, Supervisor District 1

As with any jurisdiction, Placer County faces challenges. While we are in a well-run, economically healthy county – not to mention one of the most beautiful – we face issues that require innovative thinking and problem solving.

We have been grappling with the issue of homelessness for some time now and I’m pleased to say that we stand on the cusp of taking a big step forward on positively changing the unfortunate reality that affects far too many people in the area. The county commissioned Dr. Robert G. Marbut, Jr., a nationally recognized expert on homelessness, to do a study on homelessness in Placer County and report back to us with his findings. READ MORE

District 1 Update March 2015
Jack Duran, Supervisor District 1

University of Warwick Coming to Placer County

Placer County received some exciting news last week when the University of Warwick announced its plans to open a “world class university” in the western area of the county. This announcement is the culmination of more than 12 years of work.

Securing Warwick, which has its home campus in Great Britain, has a two-fold benefit to Placer County. First, it greatly improves the stature of the county as a place of higher learning. Second, the decision by officials at Warwick lets the region, the state and the world know that Placer County is a great place to live, work, play and get educated. READ MORE

District 1 Update February 2015
Jack Duran, Supervisor District 1

Last year saw a tremendous amount of activity in District 1. While not everything was completed, I think it’s accurate to say there were many accomplishments and that we are definitely on the right road in many areas. READ MORE

Homeless Issue in Placer County January 2015
Jack Duran, Supervisor District 1

We have a homeless issue in Placer County and it is growing.  This population by its very nature is transient and unstable, and therefore difficult to accurately count. The last countywide census we were able to take for this population was nearly 600 persons. But they’re not just numbers. We cannot forget the basic fact that they’re human beings who need some help.  READ MORE

Non-Profit Organizations November 2014
Jack Duran, Supervisor District 1

As the holidays roll in, the season tends to bring out human kindness, and the willingness to help those less fortunate. Many have it in their hearts to better our community by lending a hand year round. Whether it is a physical gift, a monetary donation or quality time spent volunteering, there are local organizations that exist to help better the lives of families and children. I’d like to share a glimpse of just some in our community.  READ MORE

Placer County’s Criminal Justice Master Plan-Planning for the Future October 2014
Jack Duran, Supervisor District 1 

Keeping the public safe is one of my top priorities.  The other four county supervisors and I regularly support Placer County Sheriff Ed Bonner as he develops and implements innovative programs.  We also make sure the deputies have the tools they need to safely and adequately do their jobs. But the criminal justice system is more than just supporting the men and women of law enforcement. READ MORE

Laura’s Law – Its Placer County’s Turn September 2014

2014 marks the 12th year since Laura’s Law was signed into law in California.  Up until this year, only Nevada County had fully implemented Laura’s Law which supports Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT), allowing for court-ordered treatment of very seriously mentally ill individuals not engaged in any other treatment.  READ MORE

The new South Placer Adult Correctional Facility August 2014
Jack Duran, District 1 Supervisor

The opening of the South Placer Adult Correctional Facility in West Placer is more than simply making more beds available to house more offenders. The state of the art facility, when fully operational, is a critical component to the County’s public safety mission, and will provide the county much needed extra capacity and also provide a safer means of delivering treatment and services to the jail population.  READ MORE

Doing Business With Placer County July 2014
Jack Duran, District 1 Supervisor

There are some interactions the public has with Placer County's government that are perhaps not the most desirable. Paying your property tax bill, pulling a building permit and the requisite inspections that come with that process, or even having an extended stay in one of the county's correctional facilities.

While those activities may stick in the minds of some, there so many more interactions between the county and its residents that are far more symbiotic and beneficial. READ MORE

Placer County Job Growth and Economic Development June 2014
Jack Duran, District 1 Supervisor

Placer County is adding jobs at a rate that has earned it a place among the nation’s leaders. 

Signs that our economy is expanding are all around us – unemployment is dropping, construction projects are a common sight, and the list of companies moving or expanding here is growing longer and longer.  READ MORE

A Few Thoughts on County Services May 2014
Jack Duran, District 1 Supervisor

The majority of land in Placer County, stretching from Roseville to the Nevada border, including 40 percent of Lake Tahoe, does not fall within a city or town limits. Many people who live within city limits are unaware of the vast array of services that the County provides to them as well. Cities only provide services to people who live within city limits.  READ MORE 

Placer County Law Enforcement and Sheriff Ed Bonner April 2014
Jack Duran, District 1 Supervisor

In March, I had the pleasure of presenting a commendation to Placer County Sheriff Edward N. Bonner for his 40 years of service to the county. Sheriff Bonner, a Placer County native son, has been sheriff since 1994, having risen through the ranks from his first days as a young deputy in 1974.  READ MORE

The New Cook Riolo Bridge March 2014
Jack Duran, District 1 Supervisor

Although it may take a little more recollection this rainy season than in others, there was a certainty that happened when there was heavy rain in western Placer County: the old Cook Riolo Bridge over Dry Creek would flood. This aging and deteriorating structure simply sat too low in the flood plain and would become inundated and impassible with heavy rains. READ MORE

Current Water Situation in California February 2014
Jack Duran, District 1 Supervisor 

As we face a second consecutive year with low rainfall, the dreaded “D” word, drought, has surfaced in Placer County and its environs. As this column is written, Folsom Lake is hovering at 18 percent of capacity. While that condition provides unique opportunities to see the remains of Gold Rush-era buildings and artifacts that are exposed when the lake level drops, the low level portends almost disaster-like conditions for the remainder of the year.  Read More

A Year in Review January 2014
Jack Duran District 1 Supervisor

The past year saw some measurable economic recovery to Placer County. As many of you are probably aware, home values tanked a few years ago and took the regional economy with them. It’s been a slow climb back up , but we have seen the property values rise, tax revenues increase and consumer confidence rebound. All these indicators spell for a positive future. 

Placer County was able to weather this economic storm due to excellent planning, coupled with being fiscally conservative. We made do and looked inward on how we could improve employee productivity and truly get more from less. We’ve emerged leaner and will continue with that momentum.  Read More

Realignment and Regional and Placer Ranch University Projects December 2013

This month I will update you on AB 109 Realignment and two Proposed University Projects  Read More

Bay Delta Plan - A Call to Awareness and Action November 2013
Jack Duran, District 1 Supervisor and Gray Allen, District 1 Representative, Placer County Water Agency (PCWA)

Water is life. And for much of California, that life-sustaining substance comes from somewhere else. Most of the state’s population is in Southern California and most of the water is in Northern California. Let me put it another way: most of the state’s voters are in the south while most of the state’s water is in the north. Read More

Placer Housing Update and the 2013-14 County Budget October 2013

We’re finally seeing some positive signs of economic recovery in Placer County. The downturn hit hard in Western Placer County when property values plummeted. Many home owners found themselves paying mortgages that were much higher than their property was worth. Short sales and lender-owned and foreclosed properties became all too commonplace. Read More

Placer County Fairgrounds-When Jurisdictions Squabble-the Public Loses September 2013

The Placer County Fairgrounds has been located in Roseville, California for close to half a century, but you would think it just arrived by the way the City of Roseville acted recently when it filed a complaint in Superior Court related to a Country Western concert to be held at the County’s fairgrounds property located off Washington Boulevard. The history of the fairgrounds and the controversy surrounding it spans several decades, numerous city and county officials, news articles, public hearings and grand jury reports. Read More

CalFresh Program and Seniors First July 1, 2013

Placer County is teaming up with Seniors First to help seniors put healthy, nutritious food on their tables. The focus of their efforts is CalFresh, the state’s name for the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Recipients receive electronic debit cards that may be used to purchase most foods at many food stores and farmers’ markets.

Seniors First and the Human Services Division of the county Health and Human Services Department have launched a campaign to make sure seniors are aware of the program and how it can benefit those who are eligible to participate. Read More

Placer County Activities July, 2013

Many people forget that right here in western Placer County there is a veritable cornucopia of summertime recreational activities that are not only free or relatively inexpensive but do not require a lengthy drive or having to battle traffic typically associated with more well-known tourist attractions. Read More 

Five Year Budgeting June 6, 2013

In 2012 the Placer County Board of Supervisors adopted a new multi-year budget strategy to ensure its resources are spent on the services and programs that are most vital to county residents.

I strongly supported the strategy because similar to business revenue and expense forecasting it will help the Board ensure Placer County spends available revenue where it will do the most good. Multi-year budgeting encourages us to take a close look at county operations in a manner that provides cost sustainability year after year, and provides more flexibility to deal with budget challenges as they appear in the future. Currently, our multi-year budget model forecasts revenues and expenses in a five year cycle. The model ensures we align priorities, with the distribution of resources and according to our budgeting goals. Read More

South Placer Adult Correctional Facility (SPACF) And Area Housing Activity June 1, 2013

Phased Opening Coming for South Placer Adult Correctional Facility

Sitting beside Highway 65 in Roseville is the South Placer Adult Correctional Facility, the county’s brand new jail. The state-of-the-art facility is high tech and will enable the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, which operates the current jail in Auburn and will operate this one, to better manage a changing and growing inmate population. Read More

Agricultural Tourism April 12, 2013

The growing and selling of produce has been an integral part of this region’s identity for decades. A few myriad examples of this local culture include: the fruit packing sheds in Loomis, the agricultural goods shipped through the Roseville rail yard, mandarin orange groves in the foothills, local farmers’ markets with a veritable cornucopia of locally grown products and a relatively nascent addition to the area’s agricultural community: wineries. The county’s Wine Trail helps guide visitors along out beautiful country roads to find the small wineries that dot the landscape. Read More

Regional Sewer February 15, 2013

About a year ago, the Board of Supervisors voted to pursue a regional approach to wastewater treatment. Placer County and the City of Lincoln will construct infrastructure to pump wastewater to an expanded treatment facility in Lincoln. The City of Auburn has had many discussions with the County and Lincoln on whether it is financially feasible for the city to participate in the regional approach. Read More

County News

Although Supervisor Jack Duran is the Supervisor of District 1 which encompasses the unincorporated area of Roseville and parts of western Placer County. He also makes decisions that affect the County as a whole. If you would like to view updates and News Releases regarding your County please Read More