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Mental Health Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board


To review and evaluate the community's mental health, alcohol, and drug needs, services, facilities, and special problems; make recommendations regarding the annual performance contracts between the County and the State, and agreements entered into with providers. Advise the Board of Supervisors, Director of Health and Human Services, and the Director of Adult System of Care regarding mental health programs; approve procedures used to ensure citizen and professional involvement at all stages of the planning process, and educate the public in regards to mental health issues. Submit an annual report to the Board of Supervisors regarding evaluation of current mental health programs and identify consumer and community needs and issues. Each Supervisor shall receive an informational report every three to six months from a Board member representing the Supervisors' district. Assess county-wide needs and make recommendations to the Systems of Care and the Board of Supervisors; make recommendations to the Director of Health and Human Services on applicants for the appointment of the Director of Mental Health services.

Conflict of Interest - Yes


One member of the Board of Supervisors or their designee plus eleven (11) members to serve three (3) year terms with no maximum term limit. Upon completion of the second term, a member must vacate the position for one year prior to being eligible for reappointment to the Board. 50% of the Board must be consumers, parents, spouse, sibling, adult children or significant other of consumers who are or have received county mental health services; 20% shall be consumers and 20% shall be families of consumers; 50% individuals who have experience and knowledge of the mental health system. Proposed members shall be interviewed by a three (3) member Screening Committee appointed by the Chairman. The findings of the Screening Committee shall be presented to the Board in closed session. Candidates shall be selected by a majority of the Mental Health Board, by secret ballot. The Board of Supervisors may accept the recommendation or appoint members of their choice.


Regular meetings shall be held monthly and the time and location of each meeting shall be announced at the meeting immediately preceding. A regular meeting may, for cause, be changed by the Chairperson. Special meetings may be called, consistent, with the Brown Act, by the Chairperson. Notice shall conform with the Government Code Section 54956 (Brown Act). Any meeting which at least a quorum (defined as one person more than half of the Board members) cannot attend or for which there is no agenda item requiring Board action, may be canceled by the Chairperson.


Members shall receive no compensation for their services; however, any member traveling on official business for the Board shall be reimbursed for his/her actual and necessary expense.


Kyleene Headrick, Secretary
11512 B Avenue 
Auburn, CA 95603

Current Members

Seat Name Represents Term Appointed By Expires
1 Yvonne Bond Family Member - District 1 3-years Board of Supervisors 02/03/2021
2 Vacant Seat Public Interest - District 3 3-years Board of Supervisors     06/05/2019
3 Randi Swisley Family Member - District 5 3-years Board of Supervisors 11/06/2021
4 Sheri Courville Consumer D3   3-years Board of Supervisors     11/06/2021
5 Lisa Cataldo Family Member - District 4 3-years     Board of Supervisors 7/12/2019
6 Vacant Seat Family Member - District 5 3-years Board of Supervisors 06/05/2019
7 Sharon Behrens Family Member - District 2 3-years Board of Supervisors 09/13/2019
8 Diane Shinstock Family Member - District 1 3-years Board of Supervisors 11/06/2021
9 Jessica Del Pozo Public Interest - District 5 3 -years    Board of Supervisors 03/06/2021
10 David Bartley Consumer Member - District 2 3-years Board of Supervisors 11/06/2021
11 Geoffrey McLennan Family Member - District 3 3-years     Board of Supervisors 09/13/2019
12 Jim Holmes Board of Supervisors Board Pleasure Board of Supervisors Board Pleasure