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County Parks Commission


To advise the Board of Supervisors on all matters relating to public recreation projects. Further, to recommend policy and direction to the County's Parks Division.

Conflict of Interest - Yes


Composed of seven (7) members; 1 from Supervisorial Districts 1 thru 4; 3 from District 5 representing Foresthill, Tahoe and Colfax. 4 year term of office to coincide with Supervisor's terms. 


Third Thursday, every other month at the Department of Facility Services, 11476 "C" Avenue, Auburn, CA 95603. Meetings may be changed at the discretion of the Chairman.


May receive $30.00 per meeting attended with a maximum limit for 18 meetings per County fiscal year; actual and necessary expenses incidental to proper execution of duties; and such necessary traveling and other official expenditures necessitated by their official duties as shall be approved by the Board of Supervisors.


Facility Services

Current Members

Seat Name Represents Term Appointed By Expires
1 Doyle Radford District 1 4-years Board of Supervisors 12/31/2018
2 Gordon Holt District 2 4-years Board of Supervisors 12/31/2022
3 David Tooker District 3 4-years Board of Supervisors 12/31/2020
4 Virgil Anderson District 4 4-years Board of Supervisors 12/31/2020
5 James Ricker District 5 - Colfax 4-years Board of Supervisors 12/31/2020
6 John Bergmann District 5 - Tahoe 4-years Board of Supervisors 12/31/2020
7 Richard Murray II District 5 Foresthill 4-years Board of Supervisors 12/31/2020