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Construction Projects


 We are in the process of updating this information.


We are in the process of updating this information.


Auburn Jail Lift Station Improvements Project

Renovation of the Auburn Jail Lift Station (AJLS) was done to comply with current County design standards, along with local, state and federal regulations, and to provide a reliable lift station to accommodate the unique wastewater characteristics coming from the jail.

Applegate Wastewater Treatment Plant Closure & Pipeline Project (2012-2013)

Installed a pump station and pipeline to convey Applegate's wastewater to the existing sewer collection system that conveys wastewater to the SMD 1 WWTP on Joeger Road in North Auburn.  The treatment ponds at the Applegate Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) are no longer in use and are expected to be decommissioned in 2014.

Auburn Ravine Lift Station Upgrade

Upgraded the Auburn Ravine Lift Station in order to meet the current peak wet weather wastewater flow volumes and accommodated the wastewater generated in the lift station's service area due to planned growth identified in the Placer County General Plan.

Dry Creek Isolation Valves Installation

Increased the number of isolation valves to increase efficiency of system maintenance and minimize the potential for sewage spills.

Highway 49 Siphon Repair Project

Restoration of a segment of pipe along the Highway 49 sewer trunk pipeline will address deterioration that was identified by Environmental Utilities staff during routine inspections.  For more detail, please visit our Highway 49 Siphon Repair Project.

Sewer Maintenance District 2 (Granite Bay Area) Trenchless Pipe Repairs

Repaired 2,000 linear feet of pipeline using pipe lining technologies.

Sewer Maintenance District 3 Regional Sewer Project

The project will abandon the existing Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), construct a new pump station, and construct a new pipeline to convey wastewater from the WWTP to the City of Roseville’s Dry Creek WWTP.  For more detail, please visit our SMD3 Regional Sewer Project Page.

Denitrification Treatment Process: Sewer Maintenance District 3 (Horseshoe Bar Road Area)

Helped meet State Discharge Permit requirements regarding final nitrate effluent limits.

Sheridan Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade and Expansion

Increased the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant by expanding the spray field operation, and increased system automation to minimize operational costs.

Saddleback Lift Station Improvements Project

Renovation of the Saddleback Lift Station (SBLS) will be done to meet the capacity needs for the Saddleback subdivision at buildout and to accommodate the high inflow and infiltration that occurs during the winter months.  For more detail, please visit our SBLS Improvements Project Page.