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Orchard at Penryn

Project Location: The project site is within the Horseshoe Bar/Penryn Community Plan area, which encompasses an approximately 25-square-mile area located south of the unincorporated community of Newcastle and the City of Auburn, north of the community of Granite Bay, west of Folsom Lake, and east of the Town of Loomis and the cities of Rocklin and Roseville. Specifically, the project site consists of two parcels (APN 043-060-052 and 043-060-053) and the ±15.1-acre project site is located on the west side of Penryn Road, approximately one-half mile north of Interstate 80 (I-80). Further, the site has approximately 495 feet of frontage along Penryn Road and 60 feet of frontage along Taylor Road.

Project History: In 2007, Penryn Development LLC filed an application for the Orchard at Penryn project, which would develop 150 multi-family residential dwelling units. Placer County prepared a Draft and Final EIR, and certified the Final EIR and posted the Notice of Determination on December 11th, 2012. Placer County has not issued any grading or building permits for the project and the land owner has not commenced any site preparation activities at the project site.

On July 17th, 2014, Penryn Development LLC submitted an application to Placer County seeking discretionary planning approvals to allow 54 single-family residential lots on approximately 15 acres in the unincorporated community of Penryn. The submitted application would modify the planning approvals previously granted by Placer County allowing for development of 150 multi-family residential units at the project site. As Lead Agency under CEQA, Placer County has evaluated whether the currently proposed single-family residential development would result in new or more severe environmental effects than those evaluated in the prior EIR. Based on the conclusions provided in the Supplemental Checklist, an Addendum has been prepared for the project.

Draft Environmental Impact Report

Final Environmental Impact Report

Addedum to the EIR (Supplemental Checklist included)