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King Fire Update: The King Fire is currently at 82,018 acres with 10% containment. The following intersections are closed to the public: Mosquito Ridge at Gorman Ranch, Foresthill Divide at Soda Springs, and Foresthill Divide at Deadwood. IRONMAN cancellation supported by Placer County Health Officials. Public Information line is currently staffed at 530-886-5310 to handle inquiries. More »

Unclaimed Funds





HARALSON, THOMAS RAY $500.00 Victim Restitution
POWERS, BRANDON M $19.09 Victim Restitution
CARSTENSEN, TIMOTHY O $6.55 Victim Restitution
FORRESTER, WESLEY RYAN $32.90 Victim Restitution
PAVAL, ANDA K $150.38 Victim Restitution
TIRATERRA, EILEEN MARY $304.57 Victim Restitution
VOYCHIK, NATASHA $680.68 Victim Restitution
STEELE, ALTON JAMES $0.84 Victim Restitution
FORRESTER, WESLEY RYAN $287.96 Victim Restitution
PEREZ, SAMUEL (NMN)JR $166.00 Victim Restitution
PEARSON, CHAZ $196.61 Victim Restitution
JONES, STEPHAN $82.38 Victim Restitution
ALBERGINI, KASEY RICHARD $0.49 Victim Restitution
SHORTER, CHRISTIANNA $100.00 Victim Restitution
FUTRAL, PATRICK JOHN $3.78 Victim Restitution
RUIZ, MILLAGROS $0.86 Victim Restitution
BRACY, JACOB RYAN $77.16 Victim Restitution
BLAIR, CAROLYN GAIL $36.94 Victim Restitution
GANZYUK, DENIS $230.00 Victim Restitution
UPTON, PATRICIA LYNN $500.00 Victim Restitution
TENBRINK, ANDY LEON $1.79 Victim Restitution
BANSEL, GURMUKH SINGH $0.79 Victim Restitution
RAMIREZ, SETH ANGELO $0.55 Victim Restitution
STEPHENSON, ANDREW SCOTT $4.59 Victim Restitution
FERNANDEZ, JOSE ALONSO $24.30 Victim Restitution
FLORENCE, MICHAEL CARTER $27.98 Victim Restitution
MASERATI, MICHAEL JOE $6.92 Victim Restitution
ALONSO, JOSE $24.43 Victim Restitution
OATES, DEMETRA ELAINE $150.00 Victim Restitution
TRUONG, LAM THIEN $508.80 Unclaimed Overpayment
TRISHELL, RODNEY JR $44.47 Unclaimed Overpayment
FLORES, SANDRA JACOB $15.75 Unclaimed Overpayment
EDDY, SEAN CHRISTOPHER $21.00 Unclaimed Overpayment
VELASQUEZ, DELORES $38.09 Unclaimed Overpayment
CORR, RYAN J $36.75 Unclaimed Overpayment
VORAL, JOSEPH GREGORY $53.75 Unclaimed Overpayment
WILLIAMS, JEFFREY JEROME II $16.23 Unclaimed Overpayment
DAVIS, KANDI ANN $20.79 Unclaimed Overpayment
SWENSON, CURTIS A $113.68 Unclaimed Overpayment
MEJORADO, DERRICK $237.73 Unclaimed Overpayment
WHITWORTH, TERRI LORAINE $15.00 Unclaimed Overpayment
VALADEZ, VIOLET IRENE NICOLETT $75.50 Unclaimed Overpayment
SEARING, SHANE ANTHONY $314.59 Unclaimed Overpayment
ROBERTS, JASON SCOTT $273.14 Unclaimed Overpayment
PETERSON, ZACHARY PAUL $880.21 Unclaimed Overpayment
GRIFFIN, ERIN RILEY $110.93 Unclaimed Overpayment
PEREZ, SERVADO $75.00 Unclaimed Overpayment
ORTEGA, SERGIO EZEQUIEL $185.39 Unclaimed Overpayment
YOUNG, TRAVIS MICHAEL $53.59 Unclaimed Overpayment
JORGE, JORGE ALBERTO CANTO J $78.95 Unclaimed Overpayment
DIAZ, RICHARDO JR $120.80 Unclaimed Overpayment
LAMBERT, WILLIAM THOMAS $362.89 Unclaimed Overpayment
BANCROFT, MARIA CHRISTA $33.00 Unclaimed Overpayment
WASTENEY, MICHAEL ROBERT $34.00 Unclaimed Overpayment
SOLE, FRANCISCO LOPEZ $36.64 Unclaimed Overpayment
RICE, JACK $1,650.00 Unclaimed Overpayment
VINCENT, KEVIN , VINCENT CONSTRUCTION $1,430.00 Unclaimed Overpayment

Claim Form

For more information regarding unclaimed money and to obtain forms, please contact the Treasurer's Office at (530) 889-4143.