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Food Trucks (Mobile Food Facilities)

If you wish to open your own Food Truck or Mobile Food Facility (MFF) our specialists will help determine where your planned MFF will fall in our classification and permitting requirements

Please see our list of currently permitted Mobile Food Facilities (updated 08/08/14)

Your idea of an MFF may fall outside of the regulations and therefore not be permittable as an MFF.  Please contact us prior to committing any financial investment in your project.

All MFF’s are required to operate in conjunction with a commissary (a food facility/kitchen with a valid health permit).  Securing a commissary can be difficult and/or expensive so it is highly recommended that you do so prior to purchasing an MFF.


To apply for an MFF annual operating permit, please submit the following items to this office:

All MFF’s must pass an annual inspection in order to be granted their annual operating permit. The annual operating permit shall be displayed on the rear or other prominent location of the vehicle, in the form of a brightly colored sticker that is issued by this office.


On the day of your scheduled inspection, please ensure that your vehicle is in complete operating condition:

  • Hot water must be at least 120 F degrees
  • Hot food holding units must be greater than or equal to 135 F degrees
  • Refrigerators must be less than or equal to 41 F degrees
  • Hand wash supplies available and accessible

When you are ready to schedule your inspection, please contact us.


All vehicles on inventory will be billed in May or June for the following year, and it is the responsibility of the operator to call and arrange for an inspection, at which point the new permit is issued. An inspection must be passed in order to obtain a new operators permit.