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Martis Valley West Parcel Project

Introduction: In August 2013, an application was submitted to Placer County for the MVWP Specific Plan. The Specific Plan consists of the East Parcel and West Parcel and included approximately 270 acres of land in the Tahoe Basin. A draft Area Plan was prepared for 112.8 acres on the West Parcel of the Basin portion of the MVWPSP for consideration by Placer County and TRPA. A Notice of Preparation for a Draft EIR/EIS was published in March 2014. A draft Specific Plan was submitted to the County in May 2014 and a draft Area Plan was submitted to TRPA in June 2014.+more

The applicant now proposes to revise the MVWPSP to remove the portion of the West Parcel that is in the Tahoe Basin (and within the jurisdiction of TRPA), including the 112.8-acre area that was subject to the Area Plan. As a result, the Area Plan would not be part of the MVWPSP. Under the proposed revisions, the number of dwelling units (760), associated homeowner amenities (22,000 square feet [sf]) and commercial square footage and acreage (34,500 sf and 6.6 acres) would not change, except that all residential and associated development and commercial development would occur within the 662-acre portion of the West Parcel within the Martis Valley. As proposed in the original MVWPSP, some utilities or emergency access roads could be located within 390 acres within the West Parcel that would be designated Forest. (These parcels are outside of the Basin.) Because no portion of the project is proposed within TRPA’s jurisdiction, no TRPA action would be required for the MVWPSP. Therefore, the MVWPSP will be subject to an EIR only under Placer County’s jurisdiction. For that reason, the County has decided to revise and recirculate the NOP and post the revised Initial Study Checklist to enable agencies and the public to understand the revised scope of the EIR. Comments received on the NOP for the original EIR/EIS that pertain to the scope and content of the EIR will be considered in the preparation of the EIR, so only new comments need to be submitted at this time.

Project Description:

The project site is located between the Town of Truckee and the north shore of Lake Tahoe within the Martis Valley Community Plan area in Placer County on either side of SR 267. The proposed project consists of a Specific Plan and various associated entitlements and approvals. The Specific Plan area consists of two separate components, the East and West Parcels, which are located on either side of State Route (SR) 267. Under the proposed revision, the West Parcel is approximately 1,052 acres, located adjacent to the Northstar California Resort, west of SR 267. The East Parcel is approximately 6,376 acres, 670 acres of which are zoned for residential and commercial development under the Martis Valley Community Plan. The proposed project would shift 760 units and 6.6 acres of commercial from the allowed development of 1,360 units and 6.6 acres of commercial on the East Parcel to the West Parcel. The project would permanently retire 600 allowed units. Under the proposed project, 662 acres of the West Parcel are proposed to be rezoned from Timberland Production to Residential and Neighborhood Commercial, allowing for up to 760 residential units and 6.6 acres of commercial uses for homeowner amenities, small community retail and similar uses. The remaining 390 acres on the West Parcel would remain designated Forest, of which 65 acres would be used as a utility corridor and an additional portion used for an emergency access road and other services/utilities if needed. The West Parcel is proposed to be rezoned from TPZ to Martis Valley West Parcel Specific Plan to include Residential, Commercial and Forest uses. If the Specific Plan and immediate rezone of the West Parcel from TPZ are approved, the 670 acres of the East Parcel currently zoned for development would be redesignated Forest and rezoned TPZ, and a limited conservation easement would be placed over the entire 6,376 acres, or it would be sold fee simple to conservation groups. As a result, no development would occur on the East Parcel. Approximately 216 acres of the 6,376-acre East Parcel are located within Nevada County and approximately 130 acres of the East Parcel are within the Tahoe Basin, within the Martis Peak Plan Area Statement (019). No development is proposed and no approvals are requested for this land. Therefore, no action from TRPA or Nevada County is requested or required to implement the Specific Plan. However, this land would be included in the conservation easement or land trust acquisition.

For more project information, see the Planning Division website.

Revised Notice of Preparation - 3/30/15

Revised Initial Study Checklist