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Bickford Ranch

The Bickford Ranch Specific Plan site is located approximately four miles north of Interstate 80 and south of State Route 193 (SR 193), between Lincoln and Penryn in Placer County, California. The western boundary of the 1,927.9-acre site is Sierra College Boulevard between SR 193 on the north to English Colony Way on the south.

The Bickford Ranch Specific Plan (BRSP) is a master planned community with residential, parks, public facilities and open space land located within an approximately 1,927.9-acre site. The Board of Supervisors originally approved the BRSP in 2004 after the adoption of the 2004 Final Addendum to the previously certified 2001 Revised Draft Environmental Impact Report for the project. In 2015, the Bickford Ranch Specific Plan was amended to eliminate the Village Commercial site, eliminate the high-density residential site, eliminate the golf course and related facilities, and reduced the overall development footprint by increasing open space areas, while maintaining the same 1,890 residential units as originally approved. The Board of Supervisors approved the modifications to the BRSP in December 2015 after the adoption of the 2015 Addendum and Errata to the 2004 Bickford Ranch Final Environmental Impact Report. The 2015 Bickford Ranch Specific Plan approvals included the BRSP Specific Plan, Development Standards, Design Guidelines, Large Lot Vesting Tentative Map, and Development Agreement. The BRSP project is anticipated to be built-out over 15 to 20 years, over three phases.


The County is currently in the process of reviewing a request from the applicant, Westland Capital Partners, to approve the BRSP Phase 1 Small Lot Vesting Tentative Subdivision Map to subdivide 949.5 acres into 1,049 total residential lots and 49 non-residential lots.

The BRSP Phase 1 Small Lot Vesting Tentative Subdivision Map is scheduled for the May 11, 2017 Planning Commission hearing.


2015 Addendum and Errata to the Bickford Ranch EIR

2015 Specific Plan, Development Standards, Design Guidelines:

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    2004 Addendum to the EIR

    2001 Revised Draft EIR

    2000 Final EIR