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Clean Air Grants

2014 Clean Air grants Image

March 4, 2014

The application submittal period is now closed.


Before you submit an application, be sure to read the Program Information and General Guidelines hand book to be aware of dates, deadlines, and to make sure that your project meets program criteria and eligibility.  Applicants are responsible for knowing and understanding the information outlined in the CAG’s Program information and General Guidelines.  The Guidelines will also help you to properly prepare your grant application package.

The deadline for applications is 5:00 pm on February 28. Incomplete applications may be disqualified so please do your best to provide all of the requested information with your submittal.  Refer to the Program Information and General Guidelines for a full list of requirements required for applications.

“Want to attend a workshop to learn more about our grant program, click here for dates and times."

2014 Clean Air Grant Project Categories (click on one of the links below to download an application):

I. Heavy Duty On (>8,500 pounds) and Off Road (> 50 hp) Mobile Vehicles/Equipment

  • Fleet modernization
  • Repowers
  • Retrofits
  • Equipment subject to the Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP) are not eligible for funding.

Note: Many fleets are now or will be subject to a State regulated compliance deadline within the next few years.  In this instance, fleet owners will be required to demonstrate compliance in order to be eligible for funding.

Helpful Links:

ARB’s Diesel Activities Webpage

ARB’s In-Use Off-Road Regulation

ARB’s truck and Bus RegulationCurrently verified retrofit technology

II. Alternative Fuels Infrastructure

  • The installation of an alternative fuel fueling station, such as a hydrogen fueling station or the purchase of an alternative fuel falls under this category.
  • Ethanol fuel, non-regulated/certified biodiesel, and residential alternative fueling kits/projects are not eligible for funding.

III. New or Expanding Alternative Transit Service Program

  • This category applies to alternative transportation projects that support and encourage alternative modes of transportation, projects that establish new or existing programs, and to the maintenance, administration, and project costs that are needed to run such programs. 
  • Eligible applicants for this category are agencies that are a public or governmental organization designed to manage such programs.  Businesses contracted with or who have a formal agreement with an above referenced agency in order to help implement a transit service program may also apply for funding under this category.

IV. Public Education/Information

  • Public education and marketing projects related to air quality topics and issues. 
  • Project scope of works must focus primarily on sources, topics, and issues which address criteria air pollutants.  Programs and curriculum that focus solely on GHG’s, climate change, or other subjects are not eligible for funding.
  • Eligible agencies that may submit an application in this category are public, governmental, and nonprofit organizations that are designed and qualified to implement public education and outreach programs relating to air quality topics.

V. Ag Pump Engines

  • Upgrades for diesel agriculture pump engines that are 25 hp and greater not already required to be upgraded.

VI. Other Emission Reducing/Energy Conserving Projects

  • This program category encourages applications that do not fit in the above emission reduction categories.  Innovative concepts, including energy conservation projects and the use of renewable resources should apply under this category. The PCAPCD will accept and evaluate applications under this category on a case by case basis. Competitive projects will:
    • focus on reducing criteria pollutant emissions (NOx, ROG, and PM)
    • be innovative,
    • cost effective,
    • quantifiable,
    • achievable,
    • and defensible.